Gulf Coast Swim School – Lessons for ALL ages

SPRING LESSONS  (Parent/Tot, Youth & Adult)

Monthly T/TH 9:00am                (8 lessons) $75/swimmer 

Monthly T/TH 7:00pm                (8 lessons) $75/swimmer

Monthly Sat 8:00am (4 lessons) $40/swimmer 

Monthly Sat 9:00am (4 lessons)   $40/swimmer 


Students are evaluated during the first class of each session. Students are moved to the next level when skills are met, not at the end of a session. Check at the pool for Parent/Tot and Adult lessons times

Level 1

Adaptation and Air Exchange

Breath Holding and Release

Submersion of Face

Blowing Bubbles

Streamlines (sitting, Standing, Pushing)

Correct Body Position

Movement in water

Using Kick Board to Streamline

Advancement Goal                             10 relaxed bobs

Safety Skill                                         Never enter the water without adult supervision


Level 2

Floats, Glides, Kicking

Front & Back Float / Recovery

Front & Back Glide / Recovery

Front & Back Kicking & Recovery    (using kickboards, noodles, barbells)

Introduction of Dolphin Kick / Porpoising

Advancement Goal                               15 feet front kick and 15 feet back kick

Safety Skill                                             Proper Use of a Personal Flotation Device          


Level 3

Crawl / Freestyle

Rollover Front to Back and Back to Front

Side Glide kick with and w/o breathing

Crawl assisted and unassisted

Freestyle with breathing

Timing of breath @ the back of the stroke

Elementary Backstroke Introduction

Dolphin Kick

Advancement Goal                              30 feet continuous with 4 breaths

Safety Skill                                             Reach or Throw Never GO


 Level 4

Back Crawl / Backstroke

Introduction of Backstroke Arms

Emphasis of Head and Body Position

Back kick Arms at Sides and Streamline

Tread Water and Entry to Tread Water

Extended Freestyle Swimming (endurance)

Kneeling Dive

Breaststroke Kick

Advancement Goals                                             20 yard freestyle

                                                                                  10 yard backstroke

Safety Skill                                                               Tread Water 1 minute


Level 5

Breaststroke and Butterfly

Breaststroke and Butterfly Kick

Breaststroke and Butterfly Arms

Combination and Timing (fly – kick in front and back         breast – pull, lunge, kick timing)

Introduction to Individual Medley

Introduction to Flip Turns (back and free)

Advancement Goals                   25 yds Freestyle         25 yds Backstroke  

                                                         Legal Breast and Fly kick

Safety Skill                                                                 Using Clothes as a PFD